God’s FLEX vs Man’s Brag

I hate it when something great happens in my life that I really want to share with the world, but I get that pesky hesitation that people will not receive it well. Now I’m contemplating whether I should even say anything at all. Ugh! It’s frustrating. Have you been there? When something extremely incredible has manifested and you just want to share your joy with everyone?

You got the raise! You found “The One”! You mastered that yoga pose that has been the bane of your existence during vinyasa for 3 months! You raised your credit score! You had a day of zero negative thoughts! You lost 10 pounds! You didn’t give up!





Whatever it is, it deserves to be celebrated. No matter how great or small. We all deserve to bask in the glory of our WINS. Or do we? Society tells us we shouldn’t. They label it bragging. Society says it can come across negatively. Well, here, at MY GOD FLEX, we would like to pose a shift of perspective, if you will. There is a fine line between Man’s Brag and God’s Flex. And that line is GOD. When a person brags, they are typically boasting about something that has occurred based on their own merit, strength, or ability. There are few things more annoying than listening to someone go on and on about how incredible they were in their job position which is the sole reason they were promoted. However, when acknowledge that even with our skills, wisdom, and abilities, we truly understand that none of our victories would be possible were it not for God stepping in and taking the wheel, the “brag” isn’t such a negative retort. This is because when God is given the glory, you give room for hope to those around you. When God flexes, everyone wins!

You look up and find that others are celebrating your wins with you. They are genuinely happy for you because they realize that you didn’t put on your invincibility armor, but rather, you acknowledged that a higher power was at work in you and in your situation. That’s a God Flex. It’s boasting about God’s merit, strength, ability, grace, mercy, love, favor, etc.

In the Bible, there are countless examples of God Flexing in the lives of those who believed and those who didn’t. And we give credit to those original flexes! We find the scriptures that resonate with the glorious victories manifested and apply them accordingly.

Here, at MY GOD FLEX, we welcome ALL of your recounts of God Flexing in your life and the lives of those around you! We have created the space JUST for you to do so! The old folks down south used to call it a Praise Report. We just finessed the verbiage a bit. Same concept. Different tongue. We encourage you to Flex about what God is doing! Tell the world! Share the joy! We dare you, not to just wander in the land of Man’s Brag, but rather to bask in the wonders of Your (My) God Flex!